Our Story

Keeps on giving

TIM, which stands for “Time Is Money,”  is a cause-based business founded with a mission of alleviating world poverty at its root rather than just providing a temporary fix.

We envision a world where all people – no matter where they live – hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and for others. So we’ve created something special to help us journey together in the fight against world poverty.

Empower people. Strengthen communities. Build humanity. That’s what you do when you wear a TIM watch.

And the best part? It keeps on giving. Each watch provides food, clothing, and education for a family in a third world country and enables that family to turn around and give to others. We give. They give.

It’s that simple.

TIM watches do more than just tell time – they reflect stories of positive life change happening all around the globe. Your unique watch unites you with those you help as you learn about the families you’ve assisted and track how many times your watch has given to others. And seeing someone else wearing a TIM watch brings an instant connection, for we’re all in this together, on the same mission: reaching for the eradication of world poverty.

Welcome to TIM. Let’s do this together.

CEO & Founder