How TIM Works

TIM works

What makes a TIM watch so unique and special?

Our watches are completely customizable. You choose the face and strap color, and you can even mix and match, as all straps are interchangeable.

A TIM watch is more than just a stylish watch on the wrist. It’s a collection of positive life-changing stories happening all across the world.

Each and every TIM watch is unique and goes on its own journey of endless giving. When you purchase a TIM watch, a micro-fund is immediately given to a person in need, helping them to get out of poverty.

You can follow your TIM watch’s journey by registering your watch on the TIM app. You can track the progress of your TIM and see which countries your TIM’s funds are currently giving in, how many people you have helped, and you can learn about the actual people whose lives are being changed because of your TIM.

What is a micro-fund?

A micro-fund is a very small amount of money that is given to a person in need. It goes a long way in a developing country. These funds allow the person to provide for themselves and their families. They can provide food, clothing, and education for their families and help the growth and development of the villages and communities that they live in.

What do the people do with their micro-fund?

These funds are given to people in very remote regions where resources are very scarce and limited. The majority of the funds are used to help people get out of very poor living conditions by allowing them to purchase supplies that they would generally need to grow crops, raise animals, and sell other goods for profit.

What makes TIM “the watch that keeps on giving”?

What makes TIM so great is that we give the people receiving the fund the ability to turn around and help someone else out of poverty. After they repay the micro-fund, the funds are given to the next family in need. The process repeats endlessly. Your TIM will keep on giving, changing the lives of hundreds of people across the globe.

Our Story

Keeps on giving

TIM, which stands for “Time Is Money,”  is a cause-based business founded with a mission of alleviating world poverty at its root rather than just providing a temporary fix.

We envision a world where all people – no matter where they live – hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and for others. So we’ve created something special to help us journey together in the fight against world poverty.

Empower people. Strengthen communities. Build humanity. That’s what you do when you wear a TIM watch.

And the best part? It keeps on giving. Each watch provides food, clothing, and education for a family in a third world country and enables that family to turn around and give to others. We give. They give.

It’s that simple.

TIM watches do more than just tell time – they reflect stories of positive life change happening all around the globe. Your unique watch unites you with those you help as you learn about the families you’ve assisted and track how many times your watch has given to others. And seeing someone else wearing a TIM watch brings an instant connection, for we’re all in this together, on the same mission: reaching for the eradication of world poverty.

Welcome to TIM. Let’s do this together.

CEO & Founder